DJI Phantom 3 Professional review: Your Personal Drone 4K Camera

DJI is the best Drones production company in the World. From DJI have manufactured many featured Drones for Beginners, Photographers, real-state. So DJI Drones have a high market demand & Most Drones experts suggests DJI drones. You can see the Drones rating on DJI store or another third-party website, it’s always positive. So like other Drones, let’s know more about DJI Phantom 3 professional.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional is specially built for Photographers, Stunt-mans & hobbyist, In short for professionals. Amazing stable video quality & long flight time gives a clear description of your work.

Phantom 3 Professional Review Specification

DJI Phantom 3 Professional
  • Its vision positioning system allow you to stable flight inside of home
  • Capture Videos & photos with 4k UHD video recording with fully stabilized 3-axis gimbals
  • DJI pilot Android & iOS app allow you to see live visual & full control of camera

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional is one of the best selling Drone on the market. Its all pro features make this drone #1 in professional fields. Easy setups, smooth flying & Affordable price attracts Drone lovers to fly. By the above quality, not only for the professionals but also a beginner can fly this drone easily. In short DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone manual is also simple for a newbie.

Phantom 3 Professional is little similar to its earlier model drone Phantom 2 & Phantom 3 standard. It has improved its visual quality for more clean sky picture. Its easy to fly guide & plastic body gives Phantom 3 Professional a great look.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Packaging

The Product DJI Phantom 3 Professional is the dimension of 18 x 13 x 8 inches, Containing weight 9.2 pounds. The product will arrive with only quad-copter set & The set contains

  1. Aircraft Body
  2. Remote Controller
  3. Propeller Pairs
  4. Intelligent Flight Battery
  5. Battery Charger
  6. Power Cable
  7. Phantom 3 Professional / Advanced Safety Guidelines and Disclaimer
  8. Phantom 3 Professional / Advanced Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guidelines
  9. Phantom 3 Professional Quick Start Guide
  10. Gimbal Clamp
  11. Vibration Absorbers
  12. 16GB Micro-SD Card
  13. Micro-USB Cable
  14. Anti-drop Kit
  15. Landing Pads
  16. Propeller Wrench
  17. Stickers

As above these are the component inside the Phantom 3 Professional Kit. You can Assembly it by reading Guide (Inside SET).

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Design & Durability

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Camera

Why this Drone Named as Phantom 3 Professional? The general answer is high capacity camera quality. Camera capacity of this Drone make it so powerful and Also the provider named it as Professional. As named No Matter, what purpose you wants to fly the drone. It will survive in all condition.

If we talk about the camera capacity of Phantom 3 Professional, 4k UHD 13MP camera represent the power of photography. If takes eyes on photography mode, you can take a single shot, Burst Shooting, Auto Exposure Bracketing, Time-lapse impacts on flying period. As same as photography mode also a user can take real-time HD, UHD & FHD with a 60mbps bit-rate time period. These are the significant feature for a professional photographer and real state marketer.

The product DJI phantom 3 processional supports SD card maximum capacity of 64gb, Which is the best part of Drone. Because you can Insert multiple SD cards for multiple purposes, no need to connect Drone to PC for file transfer.

This Drone Phantom 3 professional Stabilization with 3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw), having control rage Pitch: -90° to +30°. As we know this is a machine & not all time correct so Stabilization maintains the accuracy of ±0.02°. which helps Drone to capture a Clean Video or Photo.

Battery & Flight Time Of DJI Phantom 3 Processional

DJI build this for Photographer and professionals. So the provider gives more importance to its camera and more flight time. In the previous versions phantom drones having less flight time. but DJI modified its mechanism & Lunched Phantom 3 Professionals with a long flight time of 25MIN. Flight time feature is little advanced from others because In phantom series, others having same as well as more flight time drones.

The product has 4480 mAh battery capacity like a mobile battery But less than mobile Durability. Mobile phones having less power consumption module than a drone. Like every drone Phantom 3 professional having LiPo 4S battery type with a weight of 365gram. The maximum charging power is 100W, takes 90 minutes to full charge. Phantom 3 professional takes 25min duration in such battery life.

If we go for the remote control battery, It having 6000 mAh capacity with LiPo 2S battery type. As same as charging time of Flight time battery.

If you facing difficulty with 25Min of flight time, You can buy additional batteries for Controller as well as for Drone. The addition Battery can Increase the duration of your flight time.

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Phantom 3 Professional Manual (Controller)

We all know, Controller is the best essential part of a drone & without a Controller Drone is nothing. Now Friends, in this drone DJI Phantom 3 Professional have a 2.400 – 2.483 GHz Controller frequency capacity. That gives a wide range of smooth controls over your Phantom 3 Drone. As a advantages controller have a USB charging port that can charge with adapter & no need to extract battery from it. If we talk about battery capacity, it’s over 6000 mAh LiPo 2S.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Controller

It sounds good that Phantom 3 Professional can fly 500ft above the ground & a distance of 5 km. This distance is sufficient for any photographer & pro person to take quality photos & videos. Some times Controllers work more the range of 5 km, but the safe fly range is 5 km.

The controller is built with controller sticks, which improves smooth & accuracy while controlling. For Homing RHT (Return To Home) button helps the drone come to the start position. In Controller, there is also a mobile clamp which helps to clip mobile on the controller.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Flight Performance

Phantom 3 Professional have a good flight time, as discoursed. Its long-lasting battery life gives long durability to Phantom 3 Professional. so now The flight performance, As we all notice that Phantom 3 Professional is a Quadcopter, As a basic knowledge every quadcopter have a good Stabilization. For which it helps Drone owner to Take quality video & Photos.

On phantom 3 Professional have a 4480 mAh battery life, that gives Phantom 3 Professional to a long flying time. If battery level decrease then it will be notified on Controller for a safe landing. It also has an RHT button that helps the Drone to Return its home position without operation Controller. So this a good feature of Phantom 3 Professional.

We already discoursed about Phantom 3 Professionals camera, It is a fabulous one. After knowing about phantom 3 professional all become a fan of it. Apart from that on-air camera gives a good rotation and capture according to user commend. Because of 4k camera & gamble, All taken photos look like professional like its name.

So in its class Phantom 3 professional is powerful Drone & Quad-copter.

Phantom 3 Professional Price

As we discoursed above this Drone has an All in one featured And professional quality as Its name. Its price is nearly $1500, which is a good value of its all quality feature. So if you Buy Phantom 3 Professional it will prove its great performance. In my opinion its a Good Value for Product Phantom 3 Pro.

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Gamble:- Stabilization3-axis (pitch, roll, yaw), Controllable RangePitch: -90° to +30°

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