Drone X Pro Review | Best 5G Selfie Drone For Selfie Lover

Hello friends, here is a new Drone, Drone X Pro Review & to be examined. In a low budget, this is a very good product on Amazon by Mr.Macy.

The Drone X Pro is coming with lots of features that make it powerful. It has another name Selfie Drone X Pro. For Selfie lover this is a perfect drone on the perfect price of below $150. Drone X pro customer review is good at Amazon & other shopping sites. Because of the low budget price, Almost Drone beginners want to buy this drone.

As additional Feature of Drone X Pro, The size of this drone is very small, foldable & lightweight. So no worry to carry one place to another.

Drone X Pro Review

Drone X Pro Review | Best 5G Selfie Drone For Selfie Lover
  • Fully Mobile Phone Control
  • Satellite positioning Follow System
  • Approximately 30 min of Flight time mode
  • 5G WiFi FPV system
  • 500 Meters Remote control Distance

Drone X Pro Packing Feature

The Product Drone X Pro has a weight of 1.55 pounds & containing set Of

  • 1 x RC Drone
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 1 x 7.4V 850mAh Lipo Battery
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 4 x Propeller
  • 1 x Carry Box
  • 1 x Manual

Design & Durability Of Drone X Pro

Design of is Drone is fordable & looking attractive in every angle. All four propeller can be folded towards the main body part. The Parts of the body made with Hard fiber that makes Drone very strong and crashes proof. Because of Lightweight of this Drone, It is very fast in fly time. The Camera Position in the front below of the drone & can capture only below and front image of Drone.

If we talk about the design of the controller, Like all drones controller this is made up of fiber. To controller Drone, there are two Controller sticks, Which helps to fly the drone easily. Its also have a mobile holder that clamps mobile on Controller.

Like Other high end Drones it is good Quality feature like them with a Low price.

Drone X Pro Camera

As we all know that the Drone X Pro is also called as Selfie Drone X Pro Review. By the manufacturer, it is completely built for taking a selfie. 720P/1080P Camera capacity is lots to capture an HD video & quality Selfie. This camera position of this Drone is below the front of the Drone for front capture. The GPS follow a system of this Drone can track you automatically and take Video where you go.

If you compare it to other Drone, this is a very good Drone with its class. Just take a look at its feature. All features are High end like Big budget Drones. If you are new and wants to capture your own video this Drone is Best Choice for you.

Drone X Pro Battery Life & Flight Time

The Battery of a Drone is a very essential part of each Drone. That decides how long a drone can fly. So a long Flight time a quality battery matters. So here no worry about this Drone X Pro Because it comes with 850mAh Lipo battery takes 120 minutes to charge. Which gives you a 25 minute of average flight time.

I know you think, How an 850mAh battery can give you 25-minute backup. The Answer is simple The drone is small and consume less charge than other drones. You can take this as an advantage of Drone X Pro.

Battery is not a obstacle of fly a Drone. You can Buy additional battery for more Flight time.

Drone X Pro Manual Controller

Like other Drone Phantom 3 Professional, this Drone has also Controller support & Also this is important. Flying a Drone a Controller commend is very necessary. That command to Drone & shows the path to Drone. In the 500 meter range, the controller works properly with 5G connection.

The controller has two controller sticks, Power button, GPS follow button & Mobile clip option. Also you can control your drone through mobile using mobile application.

Drone X Pro Price

We already discoursed all features of Drone X Pro, All features are very near to high-end Drones. If we compare this Drone to Any High-End Drones, In the Price of $150, this is Not good, Better from them. So In My opinion, this is Good price to buy Drone X Pro.

Check Drone X Pro Price At Amazon

I never told you to invest your money on the wrong product, Just analyses your self, if you think this product is good for you then buy it. Read More

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