Eachine E58 Drone Review, A Beginner’s Drone In Budget

In this 21st century, the quadcopter is having a great impact in the field of research and development. For several years various models of drones are being manufactured for different age groups. Simple and small drones are used by the children above 10 years and bit modified medium-sized drones are used by 14+ children.

DJI is one of the most popular brands in the drone market with some of the most exclusive features, but too expensive to afford. So, some of the companies like Eachine made advanced drones at a cheaper price rate. Eachine E58 is the latest drone with a price range of less than 100 USD.

A short Eachine E58 Review: This drone comes under the small-sized drone and looks alike as DJI Mavic Pro 2. Although it is not that costly the features are up to mark, and a 2K camera of 720p resolution has been given with it.

Eachine E58 Key Feature

2 MP 720P Wide Angle Camera

0.3 Mega Pixel Optional Camera

60-70 Min Approximately Battery Charging Time

7-10 Min Flight Timing In Normal Weather

Compatibility With Gravity sensor

Eachine E58 Feature

Let’s know the features of the Eachine E58 Drone in details:

Body and Design:

Eachine E58 Drone comes under smaller sized quadcopter. The arms and propeller are foldable which makes E58 a compactable pocket drone. It is having a stylish look similar to DJI Mavic Pro 2, though the upper indicator is just dummy.

Eachine E58 is made of plastic, but hard enough to tolerate a crash, although because of its body material it is one of the best drones. There are two LED lights near the camera and one at the back. At the top, a power button is given and at the bottom part is for battery and memory card.


Two categories of Eachine E58 Drone are available in the market 480p and 720p, but it is preferable to have 720p for a better experience. A 2MP HD camera is given in it with a 120-degree wide-angle view. Moreover, the camera can be tilted up to a 90-degree angle.


Two batteries of 500mAh are given with Eachine E58 Drone which is lighter weight makes the drone easier to carry. It nearly takes 60 to 70 minutes to get fully charged. The Drone is of 3.7 Volt LiPo which can fulfill your desire of drone flight for more than 5 minutes.

Flight Time:

Once the battery is fully charged then it can fly for nearly 7 minutes at good weather conditions. If you are flying it in a rough weather condition then the flight time will get reduced to 4 to 5 minutes.

Flight Range:

It can fly to a range of 80 to 100 meters. But you can decrease it to 30 to 40 meters at the beginner level. When you want to shoot video and images of better quality then better to keep the drone within 50 meters. The flight height of this drone is up to 30 feet so upper selfies can be taken.

Headless Mode:

The headless mode of Eachine E58 helps you to control the drone seamlessly when in air. When the drone is at headless mode then you don’t have to think about the face side of the drone.

One Key Lift/Landing:

One Key lift and landing mode is specially made for the beginner so that there will be no problem of crashing. Buying a costly drone and crashing it within a few hours will ruin your excitement. So, if you use this mode then you will be happy to fly your new drone without worrying about landing and lifting.  

Altitude Hold Mode:

Eachine E58 can remain fix in the air so that you will feel easy to take images from the air. This mode helps you to control the drone with ease and make it fixed whenever you need it.

3D Flips & Rotation:

Now you can play some tricks and stunts to amaze your friends. It has been powered with 3D Flips and Rotation. You can do these tricks easily just by clicking a button, but remember that your drone should be at a particular limit. 

Eachine E58 Performance:-

This drone is smaller in size and lightweight so it can be easily used inside and outside the house. The controller of Eachine E58 is too easy to use as all the keys are precise and if you don’t know how to use joystick then also buttons are given.

Moreover, the 720p HD camera of 2 MP is given with it, which is having enough potential to capture awesome images. Some of the extra flight modes like 3D flip headless mode will make you look like a pro near your friend.

Eachine E58 Price

Eachine E58 looks similar to DJI Mavic Pro 2 and some of its features are also alike to it. But when you compare its price then E58 costs 10X lesser than DJI. Not so upgraded but this drone is one of the best choices for the learners and beginners. If you order this drone online then it will be available within 100 USD.

Eachine E58 Manual

Here in the Eachine E58’s Manual we will describe the controller. So, starting from the top, there are 2 joysticks right and left. The left joystick is for throttle and the right one is for altering direction.

If you don’t know how to use the joysticks then some specific buttons will make your work easier. When you see the right joystick then over the top of it left button is placed and at the left of this joystick buttons are given to move forward and backward.

Similarly, over the right joystick, you can mark the button to move right and at the right of the joystick button for take-off and landing is placed. In the middle of the controller, a switch is placed to turn it on and off.

This is a drone controlling controller so it catches the radio frequency of 2.4 GHz. There are two antennas at the top and a phone rack at the button. Moreover, at the left of the left antenna, there are two buttons, the upper one for photo/video and the down for headless and one key return.

Likewise, at the right of right antenna upper button is to adjust the speed and the bottom one is for rolling and emergency stop. It is made up of plastic so you have to handle it carefully otherwise everything of Eachine E58 Drone is superb.

Eachine E58 Packing Accessories:

Items that you will get while unboxing Eachine E58:

  • 1 RC Quadcopter
  • 1* Transmitter
  • 2* 3.7V 500mah LiPo battery (1 placed in the drone)
  • 1* USB Charging Cable
  • 4* Protection Cover
  • 1* Screwdriver
  • 1* User Manual
  • 2*Extra Propeller

Overall Eachine E58 Review is impressive, as this company is offering some advance features and designs at a lower price. Furthermore, the controller of this Drone is having a smart controller which can easily help the beginner to become a master.

Many drones are available in the market at the same price but the durability and stability of this Eachine E58 Drone are much better. The best thing about this drone, that it is having advanced features at a price that will not hurt your pocket.

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