Holy Stone HS100 Review, A GPS FPV RC Drone

If you are searching for low budget drones with superior quality, then Holy Stone is the 1st name to strike your eyes. In place of wasting time on the next-generation drone, this company has modified the design and features of famous drone like DJI and Bugs.

Past years Holy Stone has made some cheaper and beginner-friendly drone HS110 and HS200. After that, they have launched Holy Stone HS100 Drone in 2017 with an advanced GPS and stable HD camera.

Although Holy Stone HS100 looks quite similar to DJI Phantom 4 which costs too high. So, here HS100 will full your craving of the advance drone without affecting your pocket.

Let’s have a short Holy Stone HS100 Review: This drone is having a 1080p HD camera that gives decent images and stable video. Over the box, it has been written 16+, but the controller is so easy that even a 10 years beginner can easily access it. There are some advanced features like one key lift and land, one key return home, to make an easy starting.

Key Feature Of HS100

Holy Stone HS100
  • GPS Integrated Drone
  • 120″ Rotation angle With 2k Optimised Wi-Fi Camera
  • Ultra-Light Weight To Carry And Very Easy To Assemble
  • Wind Resistant While Flying and Very User-Friendly Navigation System
  • Up to 18 Min Flight Time From Wide Range Distance

Holy Stone HS100 Feature

let’s know about HS100 features in details:


The advanced Holy Stone HS100 Drone is having a 2K HD camera of 720p resolution. This camera can have a 120-degree field view, and move in a 90-degree angle. It is a Wi-Fi camera which can capture clear video of 1080p from a distance of 100 to 120 meter.

Body and Design:

The physical dimension of Holy Stone HS100 is 19.68” x 19.68” x 6.8”, which comes under the medium-sized drone. It is having a fine classy smoother design, with a metal body.

The total weight is 700g with the battery, and landing gears. As it is a heavy drone so you can fly it in mild airflow, because of its powerful motors.


A 7.4 Volt 2500mAh battery is used in this drone so that it can power up the motors for long flight time. Moreover, it is having a smart battery with charging indicator light, so you can track the performance. It takes nearly 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the battery.


Better quality heat-resisting brush motors have been used in Holy Stone HS100 Drone so that it can lift heavy weight and perform more time. These motors can hold the drone in air even in slightly bad weather.


Holy Stone HS100 Review of the controller: A precise well-spaced remote controller has been given with this drone so that anyone can easily understand it at first glimpse. This controller is having a smooth body that makes your hand comfortable to handle. It is a chargeable remote controller with some LED indication over it.

Flight Time:

As we have discussed above that the Holy Stone HS100 Drone is having a high-end fast-charging battery. So, with a fully charged battery, your drone can fly for 12 to 15 minutes depends on weather condition which is quite impressive related to its weight.

Flight Range:

This marvelous Drone can fly up to a range of 500 meters, but for better performance control set its range within 300 meters. If you want to use FPV (First Person View) mode then the range will decrease to 120-150 meters. This drone can fly up to 300 feet high in the air.  

Flight Modes:

Besides the above features, some other features will keep you engage with this Drone. The altitude hold mode that will keep your drone still above in the air, so that you can click clear images.

Moreover, there is GPS mode that will make your drone follow the way you move, and when it is off then it can move freely in the air. There is a special beginner mode for the newbies so that you can set a range within which your drone will fly.

One of the most superior features of the Holy Stone HS100 Drone, return home mode, which minimizes the chance of losing it. The headless mode will help you to control the drone from any direction.

Holy Stone HS100 Performance

The build quality of the Holy Stone HS100 Drone is appreciable as it is stronger enough to defend against a crash. All the exclusive features of this drone make it a perfect choice for beginners.

Moreover, the flight performance of this drone is stable in mild air which makes it different from other drones. It is having 2K HD camera with a 1080p resolution for better pictures and videos. The follow-me mode will impress the bikers and YouTubers who want some uniqueness. Totally an amazing performance by Holy Stone HS100 Drone at a cheaper price.

Holy Stone HS100 Price

If you compare the Holy Stone HS100 Review with its price, then reasonably budget fits its features. The other drones with these features are having a scale of more than 400USD. But this drone is available at amazon within 200 USD, which is quite affordable by beginners.

Moreover, its advanced camera quality and flight mode make it one of its kind.

Holy Stone HS100 Manual

In Holy Stone HS100 Drone Manual we will be discussing the controller in detail so that you can use it with ease.

Starting from the top of the controller, there are two knobs placed on two sides. The right knob is for controlling the direction of the drone and the left knob is to throttle. Below these knobs, there are three buttons, from left “return to home, power button, and on/off button”.

At the bottom of the controller is a USB charging point of 5V. Then moving to the topmost side of the controller there are many switches at the left and right side. Over the right side first dial is for acceleration, and below that right button is for follow me mode and besides that is for headless mode. Similarly, at the left side dial is to adjust the angle of the camera, and the right button below that is for taking a photo and besides that is for video.

A phone holder is also given at the middle of the controller so that you can set a screen, just you have to pull it and adjust.  Then there are some LED lights on the top for indicating the different functions of the drone.

1st row of light from the left (Status of the drone, speed, photo and video, and return to home.) Likewise, the other side is having (controller’s battery status, headless mode, follow me, Trim LED.)


Unboxing the Holy Stone HS100 Drone items that you will get inside the box:

1 x body (Equipped with 4 x Propeller and 2 x landing guard)

1 x Remote controller

1 x 7.4 Volte LiPo 2500mAh battery

1 x 8 GB SD card

4 x Extra propeller

6 x Propeller Guard

2 x Landing Guard

1 x Tools (Screwdriver, nuts, and caps)

1 x Micro SD card reader

1 x User Manual

1 x Notebook

1 x USB charging Cable

From Holy Stone HS100 Review we can say that it is a reliable drone with a budget-friendly price. The incredible flight mode features will keep any beginner speechless about the experience of its flight.

Moreover, the flight time 12 to 15 minutes with a 2500mAh battery. It just takes max to max 3 hours to charge this monster battery which is the stunning point about this drone. Overall this is one of the best and affordable products for beginners.

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