Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone Review, Price and Specification

For several years Holy Stone had manufactured lots of impressive drones like Holy Stone HS100, HS110, and HS181. There’s no problem if you are not familiar with them because you can try Holy Stone HS120D.

We will have a short Holy Stone HS120D Review: This fantastic piece of the quadcopter is just made to fulfill your drone fantasy. It comes under medium-sized drones, and if you focus more on it, then you can sense the design similar to DJI Phantom.

As you know that DJI is a costly Brand, so it’s quite hard to afford. But nothing to worry because you can have the same level of fun with Holy Stone HS120D. Although, this drone is specially made for beginners but having lots of features to amaze you.

Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone Review, Price and Specification
  1. Better Pictures For 1080P Full HD Camera
  2. Smart Follow Me Mode Integrated
  3. Return to Home Mode For Safer Flying
  4. Quick and Easy Access mode With Many Feature
  5. 18 Min Powerful Flight Time

Holy Stone HS120D Features

As we have discussed above this drone having many features, so let’s know about them in brief:

Built & Design:

With its first glimpse, you will fall in love with it, because of its marvelous built-in technology and design. The finely polished shiny body of this drone gives it a classy look.

As the body of Holy Stone HS120D is made of hard plastic, so it is also lighter in weight. The lighter weight and plastic body make this drone crushable while learning.


The Holy Stone HS120D Camera is something that can pull the professionals towards it. It is having a 1080p HD quality 2 Megapixel camera, which can click remarkable pictures for you. It is best for selfie lovers, definitely with its image quality you can keep your friends stunned. This camera is having a 120-degree wider angle of view for a better picture.

An 8 GB memory card is given, although it is expandable up to 32 GB. If you want to have too many clicks then you can use an extra memory card.

Tap Fly:

TapFly or Custom Path mode, in Holy Stone HS120D, will help you to move it with your fingertip. This mode will enable you to draw a specific path on the screen of your smartphone and the drone will follow it. Even if you tap anywhere on the screen then it will move towards that direction.

FPV Live Video:

FPV Live Video, the feature will win your heart, because now you can suite live lag-free HD video of 720p. It will only assist the first person and will give a clear live view from 200 to 250 m range. So, now live in the real world of adventure with HS120D.

Flight Time & Battery:

7.4 Volte 1200mAh battery is used in this drone. So, it takes nearly 1 to 2 hours for charging 100%. You can fly the drone for 15 to 18 minutes with a fully charged battery. But when the weather is not good enough, then the flight time decreases to 10-12 minutes. It will be preferable to fly your drone in a good weather condition.

Flight Range:

Holy Stone HS120D can be controlled within a 300m range. But for a better experience of the camera and its function keep it under 250m range. In case your drone goes out of your radar then you can get it back by clicking the home return button.

Moreover, the Holy Stone HS700 can fly up to 30 to 40 feet height, so you can have pictures from a height.

Safer Control:

If you are a beginner, then the Holy Stone HS120D controller will make your take easier. This controller is having one key lift and land, so you don’t have to worry about the knob. Likewise, it also has an indicator which will start blinking when the battery is low.

Holy Stone HS120D Controller:

The controller of this drone is the same as Phantoms, handy size so that anyone can easily access it. Moreover, one best thing about Holy Stone HS120D is, it has to indicate light for all the functions.

By chance, if you can’t understand the controller then you can check the manual for details. This is a chargeable controller thus saving extra expenditure from your pocket.


The total weight of this drone is 250 gm, as written on the box. But if you weight it without landing gears, then it will probably weigh between 220 to 230 gm. Holy Stone HS120D body is made lighter so that it can easily take off and can be carried anywhere with you.

Some Advance Features:

Auto returns home: On clicking this button your drone will automatically return to the place of flight. You can also use this button when the drone goes out of your range.

GPS or Follow Me Mode: Enabling this mode will instruct your drone to locate and follow you. This is one of the best options for bikers and selfie lovers. This option also allows you to experience hand-free control of Holy Stone HS120D.

Headless Mode: The headless mode will help you to access your drone easily in air, as there will be no fixed direction to move on. So, you can freely take it anywhere.

Altitude Hold Mode: Altitude hold mode is specifically for the camera lovers, because when you click on this mode then the drone comes to a constant position. As a result, it will be easier for you to click images.

Face Tracking: This is quite like assistant mode and only for the first person. Here you have to mark which person drone has to follow and then it will recognize the face and click images and videos.

Holy Stone HS120D Performance

Holy Stone HS120D comes with smart remote control and having lots of features that can help a beginner as well as experienced. This drone comes under the medium-sized drone and is lighter in weight so, you can carry it anywhere. High-quality brush motors are used in it, so you don’t have to worry about its performance.

This drone is having some amazing features like an auto return home, GPS, headless, beginner, follow me, face tracking, and customize path mode to make your task easier. It has been designed to challenge the latest technology drones, so it has been assembled with 6 axis flight control.

Moreover, the camera given with this drone is 1080p which gives clear HD images. The FPV mode of HS120D can have a lag-free real-time video.

The controller is chargeable and having an indicator for all the function, this will make easy understanding. There is a smartphone holder on the top to hold your device and two foldable handles below for a better grip. So, overall Holy Stone HS120D performance is mind-blowing.

Holy Stone HS120D Price

The price of this HS120D is very less in comparison to other drones of its range. It is having lots of features to enroll your time, especially for beginners. It is available at 130 to 170 USD in the market. But if you want originality then better to buy Holy Stone HS120D from Amazon.

Holy Stone HS120D Manual

The Holy Stone HS120D Specification for user Manual. Here we will discuss the remote controller of HS120D so that you will not have any confusion:

On the top of the remote controller, there are two joysticks left and right. The left joystick is to throttle the drone i.e. lift/down, and turn left/right. Likewise, the right joystick is to access the direction of the drone.

Above the right joystick, there is a takeoff and landing button, and on the left side of it is the power switch. Similarly, on the left joystick headless and the GPS mode button is placed, and at the right of it is Return Home button.

In the middle of the controller, 4 indicators can be seen when you lift the phone holder. Starting from the right-hand side headless mode, photo/video, speed switch, and return key.

At the upper side of its Controller, there are 2 antennas which catch the signal of 2.4 GHz. Same way at the bottom there are two foldable handles for gripping.

Near the antenna’s there are some specific buttons on both the side. Besides the right antenna, the upper switch is to access the speed, and the lower button is for taking images. Correspondingly, beside the left antenna, the upper button is to adjust the angle of the camera, and lower is for recording video.

HS120D Accessories:

When you see on the box at Holy Stone HS120D Specification then it is too large in size having lots of things:

1 drone body.

1 Remote Controller

1 7.4 Volte 1200mAh battery.

1 8 GB memory card.

1 USB Cable.

4 Extra Propellers

2 Landing Gears.

1 USB Balance Charger.

1 Screwdriver and 1 Landing Gear Remover.

4 Sets of Propeller Guard.

1 Notepad

1 Instruction Manual.

 If you are a newbie in the world of drone and want to become a pro at less time with less investment then Holy Stone HS120D is for you. This is having beginner mode from which you can set the flight range and height of the drone. There is more function like one key takeoff and land and return home button. Hope you will have fun with this drone.

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