Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone, a Real Professional Photographer Drone

Hey, are you bored with your old drone? If yes, then do you want to get an updated and pro version of the drone.


Holy Stone HS700 is something that amazingly designed for you so that all the drone dreams can be fulfilled. The look of Holy Stone HS 700d seems like brother of Bugs 3 Pro Drone, having some technological advancement.

The Holy Stone is a famous Chinese drone manufacturing company, aims to design high-tech drones at an affordable price. When they started making drones, they were just designing mini drones for children

But, with time they stepped in the race of modern drone manufacturing technology, which can be used by an expert as well as beginners. In this drone, “HS” is the abbreviate of Holy Stone.

Holy Stone HS700 Review: This drone is having an auto-return option, headless mode, altitude mode, orbit mode, follow me mode and many more. We will discuss about this drone features below, so keep reading.

Holy Stone HS700 Feature:-

Best Holy Stone HS700 Drone
  • Adjustable Camera with 5G Transmission
  • Return To Home Function Intigrated (Automatic Return while low Battery)
  • 2800mAh Smart battery life with 22 Min Flight time
  • Quick Lunch Function Integrated
  • You Can Access the Camera Function for a Perfect Shot

Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone is having lots of magnificent features. We will be brief all of them, starting from common to advance. 


The HS700 comes with FHD 1080p 2 megapixels with a 120-degree wide-angle camera. This camera is having superb picture quality but if you want to capture better images than you can use “Go Pro” in place of it. Both are of the same size, so you don’t have to think about adjustment.


This amazing quadcopter is having a monster battery of 2800mAh which can hold charge up to 20 to 22 minutes. But at higher air pressure it can reduce to 15 minutes. The battery is of 7.4V so it takes around 5 to 7 hours to charge.


Design of Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone has been copied from Bugs 3 Pro Drone. Although some advancement has been done in its feature to tackle others in the competition. Moreover, having a camera house, that enables you to change the camera and shoot film and higher quality images.  


HS700D Controller is similar to Bugs 3 Pro Controller, with oval edges for a better look. This controller matches the radio frequency of 2.4 GHz. Moreover, a phone holder is given above to set your phone. Also, a rectangular LCD to monitor the battery, distance, and height of the drone.

Flight Time:

According to the Holy Stone HS700 Review, this drone can fly up to 22 minutes. Its large battery of 2800mAh helps it to maintain the time, once fully charged. So, you can enjoy seamlessly without any issue of landing.

The best thing about this drone is, you can cover a long distance within this stipulated time, as it is having the max speed of 25 Km/h against the wind direction. But with the wind, it can fly with a speed of 60 Km/h.  

Flight Range:

The HS700 can be controlled from nearly 800 to 1000 meters or can be said 1640 to 12624 feet. If you can control your drone from a specific range than it reduces the chances of losing the drone. Moreover, the long-range keeps you hidden, which enables you to spy. 

Brushless Motors:

2204 1500Kv brush less motors have been used in Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone, to give it ease movement. These motors are larger to fully control the propellers even in the heavy wind flow. Moreover, these motors are of 7.4 V so maintains the charge and withstand the weight of the drone. 

Altitude Hold Mode:

If you want to capture still crystal-clear images and videos then altitude hold mode is an advantage for you. Yes!!! it enables altitude hold mode, this can also help you take the picture above 300 meters. So, now you can become a pro photographer and impress everyone easily.

Headless Mode:

HS700 headless mode will help you to control it from any direction. So, now everything gets complication-free and you can turn to rotate and play with the drone with ease.

Low Power Alarm:

Probably some of the drones get disconnected when the battery is low and start landing without any indication. But HS700 FPV Drone is having an indicator and alarm which will start beeping when the battery is low so that you can bring your drone back to you.

Custom Flight Path:

The custom flight path mode enables you to alter the path of the drone movement. This feature is only applicable to your smartphone connected with it. In this interesting feature, you can move the drone in any shape, and have fun. 

LED Lights:

HS700 is having a bright LED light on its face. Also, there are 4 LED lights attached to each hand of red and green. These LED lights give a cool impressive look to the drone.


Discussing the performance of this drone, Holy Stone HS700 is having a highly durable and smother fiber body. So, this drone will survive in some crashes.

It’s FHD 1080p camera will help you to click some loving pictures of your life. Moreover, you can capture the 25fps video of AVI quality.

If you are biker and love to shoot images while racing, then follow me mode of this FPV Drone will give you jaw-dropping performance.

Likewise, the controller of this drone is having some exclusive buttons to make your task easier, one key lift/land and one key lock and unlock.

The incredible GPS mode will keep you stunned because when you turn it on the drone will be under your control. In the meantime, when you turn it off the HS700 will move by itself with the flow of wind.

Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone controller, is having a return home button. So, when you think that drone is out of range or control at that time click it, your drone will land at the same place of flight.

Here the overall performance of HS700 is incredible, but don’t forget about the orbit mode. Enabling this feature will make your drone orbit around some place or thing.


If you compare the performance of Holy Stone HS700D with other costly drones then it can tackle them at a budgeted price. Although, this drone is available in the market with a price from 200 to 300 USD, so any drone lover can have it by saving some pocket money.

At a lesser price tag, this FPV Drone is having awesome features, that you will love to have.

HS700 Pros

The Holy Stone HS700 is having:

  • Incredible FHD camera of 1080p
  • Altitude Hold Mode
  • Orbit Mode
  • LCD Display
  • 2800mAh Battery
  • Return Home Mode
  • Follow Me Mode
  • One Click Lift/Land
  • One Click Lock/Unlock
  • 20 to 22 minutes flight time

HS700 Accessories:

When you unbox the Holy Stone HS700 box, the things that you will get inside the box are:

  • 1 Drone body.
  • 1 Remote Controller.
  • 1 7.4 Volte 2800mAh battery.
  • 8 Sets of propellers. (Extra 4 for safety purpose)
  • 2 sets of landing gears
  • 1 1080p FHD Camera.
  • 1 Phone Holder or connector.
  • 1 Data Cable
  • 1 Charging Adapter
  • 1 Charge Transfer Box
  • 1 Gimble to hold the camera
  • 1 Screwdriver and Propeller Removal Tool
  • 1 Explosion Proof Bag
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Notes
  • 1 8 GB TF Card. 

HS700 Comparison to Other Drones: (Leave Blank)

After knowing so much about this, no doubt that this drone will win your heart. It is an adorable combination of technology and price, so we hope that drone lovers can easily afford it.

Finally, there’s nothing left to say in the Holy Stone HS700 Review, as everything has been mentioned above. This incredible drone is always getting out of stock, so stay updated with the drone on Amazon. Only one sad thing about this drone, it takes a long time to charge but it can be neglected against its features.

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