Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Review, Price, Specification

Hey, are you searching for something that can shoot your images from all the angles from a height? If yes, then the drone will be the best choice for you. 

DJI Drones are the leading racers in the market, providing a good FHD camera, but they are too expensive. So, Chinese leading smart electronics company Xiaomi has manufactured FIMI X8 SE to compete with the DJI Mavic series, at a lower price. 

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE is one of the best 4K drones with Sony image sensors and 3-axis gimbal. Thus, you can shoot and fly unlimitedly over the sky with intelligent flight mode. It is a foldable drone and comes under large smart drones. 

Furthermore, this drone has brushless motors, a high-end smart battery, and an improvised technology controller. Below we will have the FIMI X8 SE Review, where we will be discussing the features, performance, and price of this drone. We will also be examining the manual and accessories given. 


The exclusive FIMI X8 SE Drone comes with fantastic features like a great look and excellent battery life. Let’sLet’s discuss them in details:

Body & Design:

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE has a similar design as DJI Mavic Air, but the arms are longer than Mavic. At the top of this drone, four LED indicating charge is given, near the power button. The body of this drone is a bit slimmer than that of Mavic Air, which gives it a classy look. 

On both sides of the FIMI X8 SE, there are two sliders, pull it back to remove the battery. There is an LED light at the back of this drone, whereas at the front, a black lining for design and a camera. Moreover, there are two holes at the right side of the drone, one for charging and another for Micro SD Card. 

At the bottom of the drone, there is an optical flow sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor. The optical sensor will help you to fly FIMI X8 SE Drone indoor. The bottom part of this drone has a metal base for a safer landing. 


FIMI X8 SE has a 4K FHD camera of 12 MP. This camera is assembled with a Sony IMX378 Sensor and can shoot video with 30fps and 3840×2160 resolution. The camera is attached to a 3-axis mechanical gimbal so that you can turn it in any direction. 

You can shoot crystal clear images even from a height of more than 150 feet. Moreover, the camera has a 120-degree wider angle, which gives you a pure view of the world. 


A large battery is placed over the drone, weighing nearly 1/3rd of the drone’s body, i.e., 275gm. 11.4-volt 4500mAh massive powerful and smart LiPo battery with charge indication is used in FEMI X8 SE Drone. It has a fast charger of 13.5 volts, so it takes only 2 to 3 hours for charging the battery up to 100%. But the first 50% will take more time, thus have patients while charging. 


A beautifully designed compactable remote controller is given with FIMI X8 SE. This is a chargeable controller with battery indication, which makes it smarter. The weight of this controller is 370 gm, which is quite heavy but can be easily accessible. It holds the radio frequency of 5.725 GHz, which helps control the drone from a long distance. A 3900mAh LiPo battery is used in it. 


The drone’s total value without a propeller is 765g, and when you fix the propeller, it will weigh around 800g. As it is a heavy drone, brushless motors have been used to lift it easily in the air without wasting much energy. 

Flight Time:

FIMI X8 SE Drone can fly for nearly 30 to 33 minutes, which is impressive, and any drone will love to have it. The timing capacity is similar to DJI Mavic, so that you will feel blessed with this drone. 

Flight Range:

As Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE has a smart controller with high radio frequency, the range of this drone is up to 5000 meters or 3 miles. Whereas the drone can fly to a height of 500 meters. 

Flight Modes:

Some extra features are also embedded in this drone:

Cine Shot:

This is also known as cinematic shots, in which, with a single click, you can click pictures in 4 alternative ways, they are:

Dronie: With this method, you will set the drone to a fixed distance, and then it will go to that point and then click your selfie. 

  • Circle:

This feature is also called orbit mode. In this mode, the drone will fix a target as the center of orbit and then revolve around the mark. You can also customize the distance of revolving. 

  • Spiral:

It will perform the same task as the orbit mode, and just the difference will be it will move in a spiral pattern. 

  • Rocket:

Enabling this mode, the drone will fly directly upward to 50 meters up, pointing the camera downside. After that drone will click the picture of the object. 

Smart Tracking Mode:

This is one of the most exciting modes because your drone will start following you in any direction you move with this mode. This mode is also called the follow me method. 

Customize Path Mode:

Now you can fix a particular path over which your drone will move, and then it will move according to and then will stop.

Return Home mode:

When the drone is out of range or too far, enabling this mode will bring you drone back to flight. 

 XIAOMI FIMI X8 DRONE Performance:

Without a doubt, we can say that FIMI X8 SE will give the best performance because of its incredible construction and features. The 4K FHD camera with 30 fps makes it an antique piece. The flight range is 5 Km, and the height is 500 meters, which is enough to impress anyone. 

The speed of the FIMI X8 SE Drone is also impressive, as it can fly with the highest rate of 18 m/s and the lowest of 4 m/s. Whereas the average flight speed is 5 m/s, this drone can fly more than 30 minutes with large battery capacity. 

It will be an easy task for a beginner to fly this drone with the advance flight modes, without knowing much about using a joystick. The price range is also minimal as compared to DJI Mavic drones so that you can afford it. 


When you compare the Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE drone with DJI Mavic Air, both are similar. But the price of Mavic Air is 2X so, FIMI X8 SE is affordable enough. 

During its first launch, this drone was pricing between 600 to 700 USD. But when sales increased, the price range decreased to nearly 500 USD, and during the big day sale in January 2019, it was available only for 399 USD. This offer was only available on the official site of FIMI. 


Now let’s discuss on, controller of FIMI X8 SE in details:

As every controller has two joysticks left and right, here, you have to set the joystick before using. The left joystick is for throttle, and the request is for direction. In the middle of these joysticks, you will find a space to set your smart device; the place is expandable according to your phone or tab’s size. 

Below the left joystick, you will find the return home button and below that, a blinking power button, following that a set of LEDs indicates the controller’s charge. Similarly, below the right joysticks, a button joystick for the phone after that a button for takeoff and landing. 

There are two antennas at the top with 5.7 GHz radiofrequency. Besides the left controller, a gimbal adjustment button is placed; likewise, exposure control is given beside the right antenna. 

This controller also has switches at its backside; the left one is for clicking photos, and the right is for video. The controller’s bottom side has two holes, the small one is for charging, and the large one is a USB port to connect your smart device with your controller. 

 XIAOMI FIMI X8 DRONE Accessories:

The FIMI X8 SE has few but awesome things inside the box. Let’s explore what those are:

1xFIMI X8 SE Drone Body (without propellers)

1xSmart Remote Controller 

1xUser Manual

1×11.4 Volt 4500mAh Battery.


3xSeries of USB Cable (to connect your smart device with controller)

1xFast Charger of 13.05 volt 

If you seek a camera drone, then FIMI X8 SE is the best choice at an affordable price. The 4K FHD camera can shoot video in 24 fps and 30 fps, which will make you feel pretty good. Moreover, you are getting the same features as DJI Mavic but 2X lesser price. 

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE has excellent flight modes to help you capture, and the high-end battery also performs well. It is built for beginners and pro drones, but the only thing it doesn’tdoesn’t have is an obstacle sensor. Nothing to worry about that because all its features will worth every single penny you invested.

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